Sunday, May 28, 2017


What were the first thoughts you had when you woke up this morning?

At the moment when the sculpture of your mind is beginning to shape your attitude for the rest of the day.

Like a rabid dog negative thoughts will be yapping at your heels with negative consitency right up until the last shout you will hear from yourself before you drop off to sleep.

If you awoke with anger toward another human being for what they did or did not do you will have set yourself up for ongoing anger and it will spill over to other areas too.

Messy mental pictures will distort everything you see.

So have the Bible or another book of positive sayings or your bed and force yourself to read them if you must but read them.

Give them the strength of prayerful persistent effort...otherwise you will be a slave to what is behind the rising curtain of each day. 

And is impossible to do this and not feel better about yourself and everyone else around you.

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