Tuesday, January 24, 2017

THE ROAD TO HELL OR HEAVEN or Are you a wretch in the old Teutonic sense?

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Why deal in subtleties when the truth of the matter is that if someone choses Atheism or Agnosticism they look at life and come up with a blank.

Try passing a cemetery, realizing that one-day your own body will lie there and then think to yourself, “Immortality is only a dream.”

It is a foolishness but some choose it.

Einstein said it and said it well “Truth is what stands the test of experience.” I have experienced God more than once in prayer and I will continue to experience Him in special ways at special times and that is enough for me.

I like the way the blind man who had been healed by Jesus reacted. Remember his words as he was being questioned by the leaders of the synagogue as to the character of Jesus.

Remember how he said, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I do not know; but one thing I do know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.”

“Whereas I was blind, now I see.” Do you? See God as wise and personal? A god who knows what to do, and how and when? Do you believe that your wisdom is proof of His greater wisdom, your personality proof that His attachment to man is equally as personal?

Do you believe that whatever you see, feel, touch, ask questions about, he both made and understands? If you do you have sought and found and been given that gift not made with hands but fashioned by your heavenly Father…you are blessed as are those who with a faith such as yours have found the same.
“We live in a sick world, a world with a high fever and Christianity is the only medicine to save it from its delirium. Science can shoot a satellite into space, but it cannot shape a character, psychiatry can free a man from his neurosis but only God can free a man from his sin. A good singer can hold an audience in the palm of his or her hand but only God can grasp their souls.” (Anonymous)

Every man and woman worships something or someone and daily the temptation is to seek goodies from the Devil rather than blessings from the Lord. Seems unbelievable people could make such a wrong choice but some people do.
The next time you pray (and hopefully it is soon and isn’t too far in your past and is a great part of every future moment) allow yourself to be overwhelmed with gratitude that God does not care if you are as stubborn as a mule, as mean as a wild cat or as stupid as an ox. All He cares is that you are his child, and for you He died upon a cross.

It is what prayer is all about? The affirmation that gives God top of the line order in your life and living.

Anyone who cannot or will not accept this is a “wretch.” A wretch in the old Teutonic way because in the ancient language retch” means “wanderer.”

You see, without accepting the Lords love and forgiveness and presence and friendship and fatherhood; such is a wretch, a wanderer, a prodigal son or daughter, a lost sheep…refusing to approach with awe and thanksgiving the throne of grace. And that is one awesome place no one should pass by in the adventure of living.



A quote below from tomorrow’s blog entitled THE BIG P…YOUR POTENTIAL

“it would be a very silent world if only the best singing bird in the world sang”
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